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At coffeeRoots Cantata, we managed to stir up the tea landscape, bringing convenience and quality through new forms of packaging. With T-sticks, we have transformed the traditional use of tea bags into a non-dripping, aromatic, single-serve experience. 


T-sticks contain small leaf tea that can be combined with a range of over 10 flavours, from classic bergamot to mint or forest fruit. We select the black and green tea bases carefully from specific origins, mostly in India and Sri Lanka. The exception is our delicious Rooibos, that originates from a particular plant variety in South Africa.


Leaf tea

Demand for loose leaf tea is surging, but did you know that coffeeRoots Cantata has access to the world’s largest premium assortment of leaf tea?


Through our network of Cantata, we carry an active stock of 200 teas and have exclusive access to another 800 varieties. All our projects in tea are customized exclusive solutions for our existing partners only.


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