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We believe in developing quality novelty products that inspire and drive brand loyalty. 

The Private Label Revolution Your own brand...

More than one third of all products sold in European retail already comes from private label, with some countries reaching close to 50 percent. Meanwhile, other parts of the world are following suit. This has put an immense responsibility in the hands of private label manufacturers. 


At the start of each new project, we spend most time assessing your brand positioning first. Together with your team we look at consumer behaviour and market trends, drawing on 30 years of private label experience. If relevant, we may also draw on data from our own retail success Cantata, a 100% private label of premium coffee & tea distributed in six countries. This retail experience sets us apart from any other player in the industry and allows us to focus on bringing relevant products to the market together. At the same time, it minimizes the risk that your products will underperform or, worse, fail outright.


Building a truly valuable private label product is a journey to -not only meet, but- exceed consumer expectations. We look forward to welcoming you aboard! 

Build your brand

Find out how to start your own brand in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Choose your product category

Once we passed the initial assessment of your brand, it is time to select the product category for your project. 

Step 2

Choose your taste profiles

What makes your customer drink a second and third cup? That is the only question we need to ask.


As a partner, you are granted access to our lab and are welcome to join our cupping sessions. We can match existing products you may have come across, tap into our archives, or start from scratch with a completely new development.

Step 3

Choose your packaging

Is convenience key? Or ecology? Or shelf life? 

Perhaps all of the above. 


Defining the best packaging format is highly dependent on the positioning of your product, the type of consumers you target, and the distribution channels followed. In this step, we inform you which of our packing lines are most suitable for your project. We may even go into more technical details in partnership with our packaging supplier at this point. 


Once defined, you receive the relevant technical drawings from us, to create your design. If preferred, we can even link you up to an experienced design partner to assist you in this final phase of product development.

Ready for your own brand or upgrade a current range?

Research & DevelopmentTaste & packaging innovation

Our investment in research and develoment (R&D) is our guarantee to keep your brand relevant.

As a partner, you benefit from our latest developments and ongoing research. Even more so, as a partner you are considered as a member of our innovation process. 

Perhaps your project requires a few days with the team in our lab? 

Join us in this creative process and enjoy true partnership!

Every project is taken seriously, every solution is tailor-made.
No matter how crazy, present us your idea over a cup of coffee.
We thrive from our partners’ success stories.

coffeeRoots Service ProcessWe go the extra mile for you!

Our services go far beyond providing a ‘packing or manufacturing service.’ We consider it as an immense responsibility to produce for your brand. Find out more below!


We function as an extension of your business. One of our key roles is to remain highly discrete in everything we discuss. NDA agreements are available.


We aim to understand your product lifecycle and anticipate changing consumer behavior. This way, we constantly evaluate the future relevance of your products with the target market, allowing us to jointly adapt to changing market conditions where necessary.


We rely on a custom-designed ERP platform to assist our partners with demand and production planning. From 2022, we will be enhancing our partners' experience further by allowing access to our forecasting data directly.


We believe in grassroots innovation to build relevant products for tomorrow's consumer. In doing so, we follow a unique 360 degree feedback and testing model to validate new products together with our partners.


Quality is more than the International Food Standard (IFS) or U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certificates on our wall. Quality is a fundamental cornerstone of our everyday actions.


Our fast and reliable lead times, accessible minimum order quantities (MOQs) and our extreme flexibility are all aimed at making the lives of our partners easier.


We look at cost price in direct relation to value. We believe in a sustainable pricing policy that is well aligned with the long-term added value -and added business- we bring.

Get to know us in person, taste our products 

and/or visit our production plant.