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As our partner, you gain access to the world’s broadest permanent stock of coffee beans. On average, our inhouse stock exceeds 140 varieties of coffee beans. 


Our partners also have access to our database with hundreds of blends, tried and tested over the years. Our specialist advisers, R&D experts and roasting team welcome you in the lab to jointly select or develop the best taste profile for your project. 



Single origins & Specialty coffee

Single origin coffee is coffee originating from one particular region or farm. Specialty coffee is a subcategory with, at the upper end, top coffees from micro lots that often have special growing conditions and innovative processing methods. These coffees are generally fully traceable and limited in supply. They score highly in independent taste panels of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). 


Partnering with coffeeRoots Cantata gives you access to the world’s most reputable coffees. These coffees truly set us apart from industrial roasters. In fact, this shows how we see coffee not only as a beverage, but as a unique experience.



Dolce Gusto* compatible Capsules

Did you know that we are one of the premier manufacturers of Dolce Gusto* compatible capsules in the world? Since 2016 coffeeRoots Cantata has been among the 3 first companies to provide such capsules in private label. 


Different than Nespresso*, the Dolce Gusto* system lends itself to more applications. The larger capsules can be mixed with milk, chocolate powders and even herbal or vitamin supplements. Our secured allergen facility in Belgium allows us to process these raw materials hygienically with respect to the highest quality standards.


Today, our partners around the world rely on our expertise to bring a differentiated range of Dolce Gusto* compatible capsules, ranging from organic cappuccino’s, to Amaretto*-flavoured espresso and even a hot raspberry white chocolate.



Nespresso* compatible Capsules

The vision of our R&D team is to supply ecological packaging solutions as long as they do not reduce our high quality standards. It has been more than satisfying to see them becoming one of the first research teams globally to introduce state-of-the-art barrier Nespresso* compatible capsules made of renewable materials. These capsules are made of biopolymers, they are produced in a climate-neutral manner and certified compostable according to the strict European EN13432 regulations.

Going forward, we aim to act as a key driver towards a more environmentally friendly landscape for Nespresso* compatible capsules, away from finite resources such as oil (plastic) & aluminum.

Several of Europe’s award-winning specialty roasters have already partnered with us on this journey. Will you join us too? 


Flavoured coffee

Would it be wrong to call ourselves the flavoured coffee kings of the world? Cocky, perhaps, but with over 40 flavoured coffee varieties in beans, ground, capsules and instant coffee, we most certainly have yet to find our equal on this planet. 



Flavoured coffee has historically been most popular in tea-drinking nations, as the switch to espresso or dark roasts was too harsh for many consumers. By adding hints of caramel, irish cream, or hazelnut for instance, coffee became accessible to non-coffee drinkers.



Since the last decade, however, flavoured coffee has seen a surge in traditional coffee drinking nations too, largely among millenials as the new ‘coffee shop generation.’ Luckily, we have been in the game for over 20 years right? Come explore our unrivalled assortment and let us help you conquer this market!



Turkish/Balkan coffee

Grinding coffee can be more challenging than you think. Countries with Ottoman influence have a particular ethnic coffee culture and a specific way to brew coffee. Here a special pot, called ibrik or cevze, is used as a brewing method. The coffee is boiled and extracted without filter, leaving much of the powdered coffee grinds in the cup and giving the coffee a particular taste. 

This particular method of brewing coffee requires very fine grinding of the coffee beans, into a grind size similar to flour. Few roasteries in Europe have the machinery to grind this fine, nor do they have the experience to pack such coffee in an automated process. To date, we remain one of the rare hot beverage manufacturers to supply this market from Western-Europe. 



Dolce Gusto Capsules

Aromatised coffee



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Flavoured Cocoa



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