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  • Specialties

    De naam zegt het al: dit is het ‘neusje van de zalm’. Louter unieke aroma’s afkomstig van single origines. Zoals de bekende Kopi Luwak koffie, waarvan coffeeRoots de grootste afnemer ter wereld is.


    • Veel keuze
    • ”Slow roast”
    • Bonen
    • 250gr, 500gr of
      1 kg verpakking

coffeeRoots Complex Uw private label

Zimbabwe AA+ Pezuru Estate

Specialty coffee


"Established in 1970, the estate is located near Chipinge, in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, near the Mozambique border. The combination of near to perfect growing conditions, altitude, rich, fertile soil and state of the art processing and grading technology allows to produce a very distinctive coffee. The coffees are all hand picked red cherry, with the same trees being re-picked approximately 10 times over the harvest, to give a good 85% main grade return. Cup characteristics: A beautiful nice balanced and complex cup, African fruitiness, fine medium bodied with a pleasant wine & berry taste similar to the Kenya coffees. Great aftertaste."



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Available in 125gram sealed bags

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