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  • Specialties

    De naam zegt het al: dit is het ‘neusje van de zalm’. Louter unieke aroma’s afkomstig van single origines. Zoals de bekende Kopi Luwak koffie, waarvan coffeeRoots de grootste afnemer ter wereld is.


    • Veel keuze
    • ”Slow roast”
    • Bonen
    • 250gr, 500gr of
      1 kg verpakking

coffeeRoots Rainforest Alliance certified Uw private label

Rainforest Brazil Cerrado Fazenda Cachoeirinha

Rainforest Alliance certified


"Daterra is located in the sub-tropical regions of the Cerrado, in the state of Minas Gerais. Daterra has divided its land into 88 minifarms demarcated by coffee variety. Their philosophy goes beyond quality, research and a great espresso. It embodies a sustainable coffee program that preserves the Eco-Social System around its plantations. Daterra’s passion for the environment has turned this coffee farm into a garden, surrounded with native trees, wildlife and human development. This coffee is the result of more than 5 years research. Cup Characteristics: this coffee has an impressive aroma and is heavy and opulent. Its acidity is moderate, leaving a nutty and caramel flavour in the mouth. A powerful, velvet body. Ideal coffee for espresso and cappuccino."



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Available in 125gram sealed bags

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