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  • Specialties

    De naam zegt het al: dit is het ‘neusje van de zalm’. Louter unieke aroma’s afkomstig van single origines. Zoals de bekende Kopi Luwak koffie, waarvan coffeeRoots de grootste afnemer ter wereld is.


    • Veel keuze
    • ”Slow roast”
    • Bonen
    • 250gr, 500gr of
      1 kg verpakking

coffeeRoots Nice acidity Uw private label

Organic Indonesia Gayo Mountain FairTrade

Bio / Organic and Fairtrade certified


Sumatra is known for some of the most decadently rich coffees in the world, and the Organic Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain' Fair Trade beans are the best of the best. With a full body of flavour and a unique richness, this coffee will certainly make your mouth water with its bounty of velvety smoothness. These organic beans will drive you wild from the first to last drop! Grown at an altitude of approximately 1500 meters above sea level, these organic Sumatran beans are able to achieve the ultimate roast because of the excellent climate conditions and specialized care. The Gayo Mountain region's interest in organic and fair-trade coffee growth has been a major revolution to the Sumatran people. Cup characteristic: this coffee is normally Fullbodied with earthy, tobacco notes and floral volcanic acidity.



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Available in 125gram sealed bags

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