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    Single origin coffee comes from a particular region or area. Without artificial additives, pure flavours. The French Press or cafetière is the ideal way to set coffee with origin coffee, because that does optimum justice to the taste. Just as cultures differ, so every coffee has its own identity. To do justice to this variety coffeeRoots offers a wide range of exclusive world flavours. Whether it is the origin, roasting color or flavour profile: we know our products well and are happy to tell you more.


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Brazil Daterra Yellow Bourbon


"Daterra is located in the sub-tropical regions of the Cerrado, in the state of Minas Gerais. Daterra has divided its land into 88 minifarms demarcated by coffee variety. Their philosophy goes beyond quality, research and a great espresso. It embodies a sustainable coffee program that preserves the Eco-Social System around its plantations. Daterra’s passion for the environment has turned this coffee farm into a garden, surrounded with native trees, wildlife and human development. Daterra coffee blends have been the choice of barista champions around the world. Cup Characteristics: Deep and complex body, rich, smooth, almond aroma and spicy flavour with hints of citrus. Sweet acidity, clean and well-balanced cup."


Single Origin 100% Arabica

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Available in 1kg sealed bags

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