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  • Flavoured instant coffee

    Where there is no coffee percolator, instant coffee is a good alternative. Instant coffee is made from roasted coffee. In the coffeeRoots coffee roaster the freeze-dried coffee (freeze-dried) is flavoured and packed in 50-gram jars. You can put your own label/sticker on these jars. In addition to our basic range, numerous other flavours are available. The result is a product where you can achieve the true flavour of the coffee just with hot water.


    • 13 flavours in stock
    • Freeze dried instant coffee
    • Natural flavours
    • 50gram jars

coffeeRoots Freeze dried Your private label


Instant coffee


Part of our exclusive range of flavoured instant coffees. Natural flavours, liquid sprayed combined with fine freeze dried instant coffee.


Available in 50gram jars

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